These are the skills that are likely to be useful in the campaign. Those not bulleted as primary cost half.

Academic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.19 Biology+/TL IQ/H    
HR4.19 Chemistry+/TL IQ/H  
HR4.19 Earth Sciences+/TL IQ/H    
B193 Expert Skill (Computer Security, Conspiracy Theory, Military Science, Political Science, Psionics, Xenology) IQ/H  
B193 Expert Skill (Epidemiology) IQ/H    
HR4.19 Mathematics+/TL IQ/H    
HR4.19 Physics+/TL IQ/H    
HR4.19 Social Sciences+ IQ/H  
B222 Speed-Reading IQ/A  
B228 Weird Science IQ/VH    

Artistic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B176 Architecture/TL IQ/A    
B185 Cooking IQ/A  
HR4.7 Dancing DX/A    
B210 Musical Composition IQ/H    
B211 Musical Instrument† IQ/H  
B212 Performance IQ/A This would normally be background but this make good defaults for Acting and Public Speaking.
B214 Poetry IQ/A  
B220 Singing HT/E  
B228 Ventriloquism IQ/H    
B228 Writing IQ/A    

Athletic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B174 Acrobatics DX/H  
B183 Climbing DX/A  
B192 Escape DX/H  
B205 Lifting HT/A    
B218 Running HT/A  

Business and Wealth Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B174 Accounting IQ/A  
B174 Administration IQ/A  
B195 Finance IQ/H   Can be used to raise capital but you're primarily investigators.
B207 Market Analysis IQ/H  
B209 Merchant IQ/A  

Combat Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.19 Artillery+/TL IQ/A    
HR4.5 Beam Weapons/TL (Automatic, Long Arm or Pistol) DX/E  
HR4.19 Blades+ DX/A  
HR4.19 Bludgeoning+ DX/A  
HR4.19 Bows+ DX/A    
B182 Boxing DX/A  
B182 Brawling DX/E  
HR4.19 Explosives+/TL IQ/A    
B194 Fast-Draw (Ammo, Long Arm or Pistol) DX/E  
HR4.19 Fast-Draw+ (Blades) DX/E  
HR4.19 Gunnar+/TL DX/E    
HR4.5 Guns/TL (Long Arm) DX/E Used for grenade launchers.
HR4.5 Guns/TL (Automatic or Pistol) DX/E   Mostly obsolete.
B203 Judo DX/H  
B203 Karate DX/H  
HR4.19 Liquid Projector+/TL DX/E    
HR4.19 Nets+ DX/A    
HR4.19 Polearms+ DX/A  
HR4.19 Shield+ DX/E    
HR4.19 Soldier+/TL IQ/A    
B223 Sumo Wrestling DX/A  
B223 Tactics IQ/H  
HR4.19 Throw Weapon+ DX/E  
HR4.19 Whips+ DX/A    
B228 Wrestling DX/A  

Cultural and Geographic Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B176 Area Knowledge (Babylon 5) IQ/E Counts as City level.
B176 Area Knowledge (Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red Sector) IQ/E Each counts as Town level.
B185 Connoisseur (Cars, Clothes, Food, Literature, Music or Wine) IQ/A   These can impress people.
B186 Current Affairs/TL (Business, Headline News or Politics) IQ/E If you have this skill, you will receive clues about conspiracies in the news.
B186 Current Affairs/TL (High Culture, People, Popular Culture, Science and Technology, Sports or Travel) IQ/E   These provide few clues but might impress someone.
HR4.19 Geopolitics+ (Centauri, Human, Minbari or Narn) IQ/A  
HR4.19 Geopolitics+ (Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, Pak'ma'ra or Vree) IQ/A    
B199 Heraldry (Coat of Arms, Corporate Logos or Graffiti Tags) IQ/A    
HR4.19 Humanities+ (Centauri, Human, Minbari or Narn) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Humanities+ (Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, Pak'ma'ra or Vree) IQ/H    
B204 Law (International) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Law+ (Centauri, Human, Minbari or Narn) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Law+ (Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, Pak'ma'ra or Vree) IQ/H    

Exploration and Vehicle Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B183 Camouflage IQ/E    
B188 Driving (Automobile or Motorcycle) DX/A  
B197 Free Fall DX/A  
B211 Navigation/TL (Hyperspace or Space) IQ/A  
B211 Navigation/TL (Air, Land or Sea) IQ/A    
B212 Parachuting/TL DX/E    
HR4.15 Pilot (Aerospace or High-Performace Spacecraft) DX/A  
HR4.15 Pilot (Autogyro, Glider, Helicopter, Jump Jet, Light Airplane, Ultrahigh-Performance Spacecraft, Ultralight or Vertol) DX/A    
B219 Scuba/TL IQ/A    
B222 Spacer IQ/E  
B222 Strategy (Space) IQ/H    
B223 Survival+ (Aquatic or Land) Per/A   Only the Abbai can take the Aquatic version.
B226 Tracking Per/A  
B192 Vacc Suit/TL DX/A  

Investigative and Criminal Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B174 Acting IQ/A  
B181 Body Language Per/A  
B186 Criminology/TL IQ/A  
B187 Detect Lies Per/H  
B187 Disguise/TL† IQ/A  
B195 Filch DX/A  
B196 Forensics/TL IQ/H  
HR4.9 Forgery/TL IQ/H  
B197 Garrote DX/E  
B200 Holdout IQ/A  
B201 Intelligence Analysis/TL IQ/H  
B202 Interrogation IQ/A  
B205 Lip Reading Per/A  
HR4.12 Lockpicking/TL IQ/A  
B206 Makeup/TL IQ/E  
B211 Observation Per/A  
B213 Pickpocket DX/H  
B217 Research/TL IQ/A  
B219 Search Per/A  
B219 Shadowing IQ/A  
B221 Sleight of Hand DX/H  
B221 Smuggling IQ/A  
B222 Stealth DX/A  
B223 Streetwise IQ/A  
B226 Traps/TL IQ/A  

Medical Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B187 Diagnosis/TL IQ/H Can provide forensic clues.
B195 First Aid/TL IQ/E  
B201 Hypnotism IQ/H  
B213 Physician/TL IQ/H  
B223 Surgery/TL IQ/VH  
B228 Veterinary/TL IQ/H    

Miscellaneous Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.4 Autohypnosis Will/H  
B180 Bicycling DX/E    
B196 Forced Entry DX/E  
B197 Gambling IQ/A  
B198 Gesture IQ/E  
B200 Hobby Skill DX/E or IQ/E    
B200 Housekeeping IQ/E  
B203 Knot-Tying DX/E    
HR4.13 Meditation Will/H  
B210 Mimicry (Speech) IQ/H  
B210 Mimicry (Animal Sounds or Bird Calls) IQ/H    
B210 Mind Block Will/A  
B213 Photography/TL IQ/A  
B218 Scrounging Per/E    
B219 Sewing/TL DX/E    
B228 Typing DX/E    
B228 Urban Survival Per/A  

Social Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
B183 Carousing HT/E  
HR4.8 Diplomacy IQ/H  
B195 Fast-Talk IQ/A  
B202 Intimidation Will/A  
B204 Leadership IQ/A  
B216 Propaganda/TL IQ/A  
B216 Public Speaking IQ/A  
B218 Savoir-Faire (High Society, Mafia, Military or Police) IQ/E  
B219 Sex Appeal HT/A   Suffers -4 penalty with members of other species.
B223 Teaching IQ/A    

Technical Skills

Ref Name Level Primary Notes
HR4.19 Armoury+/TL IQ/A  
HR4.19 Bioengineering+/TL IQ/H  
B184 Computer Operation/TL IQ/E  
B186 Cryptography/TL IQ/E  
B189 Electronics Operation/TL (Communications, Electronic Warfare, Media, Medical, Scientific, Security, Sensors or Surveillance) IQ/A  
B189 Electronics Operation/TL (Psychotronics) IQ/A    
HR4.19 Electronics Repair+/TL (IT or Sensors) IQ/A  
HR4.19 Electronics Repair+/TL (Superscience) IQ/A    
HR4.19 Engineer+/TL (Electronic) IQ/H  
HR4.19 Engineer+/TL (Construction or Mechnical) IQ/H    
HR4.19 Hazardous Materials+/TL IQ/A    
B206 Machinist/TL IQ/A    
HR4.19 Mechanic+/TL (Aerospace Vehicles, Ground Vehicles or Machinery) IQ/A